Almurà vino rosso Almura
Vino rosso primitivo Almura


In Altamura, the Leonarda’s city you can feel the stone. The megalithic city walls tell about a past that seems closer than it actually is. Moving away from the centre, you start feeling the smell of the primitivo nectar. The Almurà wine comes to life from the inspiration of Leonarda: dedicated to the ancient city of Frederick II of Swabia, but looking to the future. A mix of local traditions and innovation in image.

The history of Almurà began in 2008, when Leonarda Recchia purchased an ancient vineyard of 5.5 hectares, grown as tree. Her brother Franco added his stubbornness and dedication. The results came in 2012, when Almurà filled up its firs bottle.

The Almurà wine characteristics

Colour_ intense rubine red, tending to yellow-crowned orange with the ageing.
Smell_ mixed berries with a note of cherry, tending to velvety, with hints of licorice, vanilla and tobacco.
Taste_ supple, warm, involving, harmonious and intense.

The steps of Almurà
The grape bunches are picked in the early hours of the day and then crushed. They are stripped and macerated for two or three weeks in stailess steel vats of 50 hectolitres.

The marc gets broken e the must gets grinded. Then it’s left resting, to deposit the gross sediments. Then it can be put into the french oak barrels, ageing for 12 months, the right ripening time.

At this point Almurà is bottled and gets refined for 6 months without filtering or clarifying and eventually is put on the market.